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[ale] openbox rocks

I have spent the day learning how to use openbox.  That includes setting 
up the menus, configuring the theme.  I also leared how to xbindkeys and 
xbindkeys-config to make my power management for monitors quick and 
light weight.

Hurray for xset dpms 0 30 45...  and xset dpms 00 00 00
(slightly off topic, but since openbox doesn't have a taskbar by default 
I thought I would try it without one, hence the accelerated key bindings 
learning curve).

I am really starting to like openbox.  I think my computer just gained 
about 400 horsepower, it feels like anyway.  Gnome is cool, but it is a 
resource hog on my older machine.

Hopefully openbox can help to extend the life of my dell latitude c640 

It has been 3 or 4 days now, and I don't miss XP at all.
Well there is that blue screen I kept getting.  What am I going to do 
without such a provocative stimulus for nightmares and headaches?  Maybe 
I will be able to get rid of some masochistic tendencies, since only the 
ignorant, foolish, and masochistic would want to be die hard Windows 
users, right?  (*Harsh, I don't think so*)

Anyway, I really am enjoying openbox.  I like being able to easily move 
the title bar elements around, and I didn't even know that a shade 
control existed until I started using openbox.  Looks like I might just 
become a power Linux user after all.

Hmm, now on to bash scripting...  (Just kidding, don't know what I would 
use it for at this point)  ;P

Joshua Roberts