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[ale] Finished with school

Congrats!!! The exit ceremonies are BORING to the point of near death. It's
the post graduation party that makes up for it.

When my wife finishes her masters in geology, I'm making her go through the
ceremony as my payback for the process :-)

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 1:01 PM, jrtroberts <jrtroberts at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yesterday I finished my Networking Specialist AAS from Lanier Technical
> College.  I also applied to SPSU for their BASIT program (Bachelors of
> Applied Science and Information Technology).  They will give me two
> years credit toward the BASIT because of my AAS degree.  But, for now I
> am finished with school.
> It is such a relief.
> Graduation is July 16th.  I guess then it will be official.  Not much
> for ceremonies.  Hope I can sneak my Portable Sirius radio in and listen
> to some tunes while I am hurrying up to wait to hurry to wait some more.
> Joshua Roberts
> Founder LTC LUG NUTs
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