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[ale] Flash Video

On Sat June 19 2010, Scott Castaline wrote:
> When I try to play online with Firefox I get "An error has occurred,
> please try again later" I am able to download the file(s) as flv and or
> mp4. I am able to play the mp4 on vlc but not the flv. I don't know what
> is different from my F12 setup, but a flv file that I had downloaded was
> playable on F12 but I can't play it now. According to the web site for
> vlc, it has flv capabilities included. So I don't know what's different.
> I also do have the H.264 codec installed as well.

I just played an flv file on vlc the other day, don't even remember how I 
ended up with an flv file.. for youtube I copy the FLASH... file from /tmp 
somewhere else and rename it FLASH...mpeg 

asa for h.264 I looked for that package on my system and found these:
# dpkg --list |grep 264
ii  libx264-54                                              
0.svn20070309-4.1etch1               x264 video coding library
rc  libx264-56                                              0.svn20070930-0.0                    
x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-57                                              0.svn20071224-0.0                    
x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-60                                              
1:0.svn20080712-0.1                  x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-65                                              
1:0.svn20090115-0.0                  x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-dev                                             
1:0.svn20090115-0.0                  development files for libx264

no clue why I have so many packages!

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459