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[ale] [OT] cartoon on BP spill blame

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 11:50 AM, Lightner, Jeff <jlightner at water.com>wrote:

> Even if one agrees that we're consuming too much oil is a bad thing I
> fail to see how that would somehow excuse cutting corners in getting the
> oil to the consumers.  The issue here wasn't that consumers demanded
> cheap oil (because guess what we're NOT getting cheap oil!)

compared to a few years back gas is cheap. They found out that $5/gal is the
point where folks start carpooling and taking mass transit.  Tax this stuff
to keep it ALWAYS above that point and use the $$ to find better ways to
move people and goods around.

> it is that
> greedy corporate bastards decided that THEY would get higher pay and
> perqs in bypassing their own safety measures.   As I noted in a prior
> post BP actually petitioned the government so BP could vary from its own
> safety procedures.

Which is why they should be hung out to dry. Along with the greys that's
that approved the changes.

> Now if you want to say that folks who drive off from gas pumps with the
> pump head still in there care are a problem then that's clearly a
> consumer issue.   Oddly enough that did generate safety features so that
> the pump doesn't get yanked along with the car and in fact shuts off the
> flow of gas so the part of the hose remaining after the detachment
> doesn't spew gas.   Imagine if they'd put this kind of safety thinking
> into play for the BP rig (or even if they'd adhered to their own
> procedures).

We really do need a ton of research into "mess mediation" but that won't
happen without the funding. Anything to do with spending money won't pass
congress. We lose. Anything to do with raising revenues to cover the costs
of a research program won't pass either because some schmuck will whine he
should have to pitch in cause he's not doing behavior.foo and should be
exempt and then tailspin begins....



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   Dan Barker, "Losing Faith in Faith", 1992
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