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[ale] [ANNC-CORRECTED] ALE CENTRAL MTG. for 7:30pm, Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Well, I'd like to see about network managers among various distros.  I
notice Slackware's recently included Wicd as standard.

I just bought a new wireless network USB adaptor that's not working
very well with my desktop.  Yeah, if anyone has a wireless network PCI
card, USB adaptor, or PC Card/Cardbus lying around that's Linux
friendly, I'll be there at the meeting tonight.  A couple of weeks
ago, I stood in MicroCenter, going through their wireless cards, and
found a very few that mentioned Linux support.  A lot of unfamiliar
brandnames were filling up the shelves.  In the end, I just picked
something low-priced that didn't require a mail-in rebate, and b/g/n
compatible.  First time I hooked it up, it worked pretty well, and I
had fun meandering through Slackware 13.0's wireless network tools.
But since then, the network detection has fizzled to nothing.  The
rt2870sta driver's in the standard kernel, but there are errors in the
logs, something like "driver is in the staging area; quality not
assured"  I'm still poking at it, but my good old laptop is
distracting with its recent burst of...issues.


> On 2010/06/15, at 18:16 , Aaron Ruscetta wrote:
>> As a departure from our usual meeting format
>> (since schedules didn't mesh for securing a feature
>> presentation), our ALE Central Meeting for 7:30pm
> on Thursday, JUNE 17TH, will be taking the form of:
>> ? An Open Discussion on Desirable Distros:
>> ? Measuring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (& Derivatives)
>> ? Against the Many Viable Alternatives