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[ale] LVM over LUKs after F 13 install

On 06/13/2010 07:56 PM, Brian Pitts wrote:
> On 06/13/2010 03:56 PM, Scott Castaline wrote:
>> I had created a separate LUKS volume on each hdd, then I added them to
>> LVM2 by crating a separate VG for each hdd, with no additional
>> encryption ( I believe that's called layered encryption ). I then in one
>> VG ( which is the 2nd VG for the system ) created 3 or 4 LVs using one
>> for the 2nd half of my swap totalling 5GB and the othe VG only has 1 LV.
>> I had done all this with Fedora 12. When I finally got Fedora 13 to
>> install I must have missed the part that would have allowed to
>> non-destructively include other hdds in the new system. Now when I boot
>> the drive that has F 13 the 2 1TB hdds don't exist. fdisk -l only shows
>> the 1st drive (/dev/sda) partitions and the boot process of course only
>> unlocks 1 key0 slot.
> With Fedora 12, could you unlock all three devices during boot?
> Are you saying the kernel doesn't detect your external drives? Do they
> show up in palimpsest (aka applications->system tools->disk utility)?
I now have it working. cryptsetup lukOpen /dev/sd? for each hdd prompted 
for the passphrase. Then I was able to get the UUID so I could enter it 
into crypttab. Once they were decrypted LVM2 saw the 2 VGs and all of 
their LVs allowing me to mount them and update fstab. I was then able to 
reboot and have all 3 VGs online. Unfortunately I was coping files over 
from backup and discovered that the permissions changed to root. The 
data copied back included subdirs so I found that chown -R 
newowner:newgroup * works VERY WELL especially from /. Needless to say 
all files and dirs became owned by yours truly and the system got very 
belligerent so I rebooted and could no longer access /home and was 
unable to su to root to do anything, so re-install was the next step.

This time since I had a few DVDs of F13 install ( see my comments about 
Gigabyte and F13 unable to boot from the DVD in a previous post. ), I 
again removed my DVD-ROM (IDE/PATA Master of IDE port) and juryrigged it 
to my wife's external hdd chassis (IDE to USB ). I left the DVD-RAM 
connected as the Slave off of the IDE port. This time the system 
initially booted from USB-CDROM (my DVD-ROM) and went through the setup 
to install from an image located on another device (default is a hdd) so 
I pointed it to the DVD-RAM (Slave off IDE port). This time it then ran 
as a normal install, but I could not boot and install from the same DVD. 
It booted from one and actually did the install from the other. This 
time the option to include all drives was there, so I was able to 
include the 2 older VGs and just install on the neww hdd which contains 
/boot and my 1st VG.

So far it seems to be working good the video is much better ( I have an 
ATI GPU "Diamond HD3650" ) and it is sharper, easier to read than prior 
releases. Even pulse audio came up easier this time although I'm still 
going to have to find the software that would correctly unmute my 
line-in so TVtime is pre-Talkie. The scanner software now will actually 
capture single frame shots from my pcHDTV3000 tuner card as well as my 
HP MFP scanner. The automated printer config works even for network 
printers. You have to manually start it telling it that you have a 
network printer and then it'll tell you that it needs to adjust the 
firewall which it does for you and then finds it, identifies it, 
searches for the drivers, downloads them if needed and installs and 
configures. I did wind up having to run hp-setup so the scanner would work.