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[ale] Scariest cross-platform attack - ever!

On 6/4/2010 5:58 PM, Robert Reese wrote:
> This scares the crap out of me, and I'm virtually impervious to the fear of internet threats:
> http://www.azarask.in/blog/post/a-new-type-of-phishing-attack/
> Keep reading past the video, and then consider what the future could hold as this type of threat evolves over the next couple of years...
> Sweet dreams,
> Robert~
> P.S. - The page also acts as a demonstration!

Not for me --  NoScript win.

It's scary, but many attacks rely on psychology, no?

It's also weird to me that scammers don't seem to take advantage
of some really obvious human-factors attacks.  I always wondered
why malware delivery and phishing emails, or just the ones that
use embedded image tags to harvest valid addresses, don't
harvest subject lines -- as well as email addys -- from peoples'
email clients.  I'd be a lot more likely to open a message that
appears to be part of a thread I'd previously read, but no one
seems to do this.  All the spam I get these days is pretty
obviously spam, merely by subject-line inspection.

-- JK

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