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[ale] Java Server (Coffee)

What amazes me is all the folks that buy things like Lattes and Hazelnut
coffee.   What kind of sicko drinks coffee for the taste rather than to
feed the addiction?

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On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> I prefer mine with an IV.. why burn up your stomach:)
> we just got a new Bunn coffee maker yesterday, our old one was
> makes a pot of coffee in THREE minutes. I do that BEFORE I go sit down
at my
> computer and read my kmail:)

Ya'll are lightweights..

You'll soon graduate to the high pressure expresso machine
with the double double dose "filter" making single cups of "Cafe 
Americana" (an expresso with some extra water ran through..)

Forget straws and IV drips.. Good coffee will
walk over and force itself between your lips
under it's own power.

It's the only kind of Java Server worth running. ;)


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