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[ale] Looking for a graphics editor or (probably) a library.

m-aaron-r wrote:
> The GIMP displays coordinates as you position the mouse.
> If this is a short list then you could just note them, then feed
> the data into a simple script to translate the pixel coords into
> Lat / Long.
> I've not played with GIMP scripting, but it may also be easy
> to have the GIMP record the XY coordinates as you click them.
> peace
> aaron
Richard Bronosky wrote:
> You left out a lot of specification. Is this for a web app? (you
> mention PHP) If not a web app, what OS[es] do you want it to run on?
> How many maps/jpgs do you need to do this for? If < 50, might I
> suggest just using Gimp?
I'm looking at collecting 70 different coordinates on a single.  I 
detest manual labor of the kind where I'd actually have to write down or 
otherwise type in that many numbers.  I know gimp will display them, but 
I wasn't aware of any way to record them via a mouse click.  The 
eventual plan is for the map to be displayed on an overhead projector 
and as data comes in as lat/long coordinates, a flag will be placed at 
that coordinate.  That's not too difficult to accomplish with something 
like opengl or maybe even Java swing but I've got to believe there is 
some simple graphics lib that also traps mouse click events, I just 
haven't found it.  It could be a web app or it could be a stand alone 
program.  That's really not important. 

Let me rehash.  I need to display a jpeg on a computer running linux.  I 
need to be able to trap the mouse click events including the x, y 
coordinates with respect to the jpeg coordinates and store them in a 
file.  I'll click in a predictable pattern so it will be trivial to 
massage the data to include the lat/long cross reference to the x, y.  
The clicks will occur at integer lat/long coordinates which show up as 
line intersections on the map.  Using this table I'll be able to 
extrapolate a given lat/long into x,y coordinates I will use to place 
the flag.