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[ale] External HDD (non?)recommendations

I've stopped using external enclosures. I buy raw drives and just plug them into a Thermaltake BlacX Duet (they also make a single bay version):



It connects via USB 2.0 or e-Sata II (3Gb/s). If your e-Sata port supports the port-multiplier feature then you can mount/unmount the drives individually. It supports both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch SATA drives.



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> Hey y'all, any recommendations/non-recommendations about
> external HDDs?  Looking for USB/Firewire & maybe eSATA.
> What are some good (or not so good) ones?  Sometime back,
> when I asked at a college bookstore, they indicated that they
> like LaCie, because at the time they held up pretty well with
> Evil Students (who tend to drop or otherwise mistreat them)
> and they didn't get a lot of returns compared to others.  Or,
> would I do better building something from a (external/portable)
> case and separate HDD (suggestion for a make/model)?  Capacity
> isn't super important - looks like everything nowadays is at
> least 500gb - looking more for reliability.  Ideas?
> Thanks, -kc
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