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[ale] [OT] Video editing advice?

m-aaron-r wrote:
> I do this kind of movie clipping for my life partner all the
> time as she frequently uses examples from films in her
> class and professional presentations -- They're central
> to her scholarly work and her book "Super Heroes and
> Greek Tragedy: Comparing Cultural Icons".
> Unfortunately I do it all on Mac, so let me know if you
> have access to an OSeX machine and I'll fill you
> in on the process off list.  If you go from the DVD there
> will be Destructive Restriction Mechanisms to deal
> with.

Handbrake will resolve this issue, no?

> peace
> aaron
> On 2010/05/29, at 16:42 , JK wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Need some help: I'm doing a presentation tomorrow, and it would
>> be AWESOME if at a specific point I could show a brief video
>> clip from The Princess Bride -- specifically, from 0:19 to
>> 0:27 of this YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjuZiVrrJZ4
>>  Buttercup: "What about the ROUS's?"
>>  Wesley: "Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist."
>> I own a copy of the film on DVD, but I've no idea how to extract
>> just that bit, either from my DVD or from YouTube.  Don't want
>> to spend hours researching, since I'm in the midst of writing the
>> final draft of my talk.  Advice and/or pointers to explicit
>> instructions would be greatly appreciated!
>> (Note: clip will be played in Windows Media Player on my church's
>> XP laptop, most likely. I can capture/edit on Linux, though.)
>> Thanks,
>> -- JK
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Until later, Geoffrey

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