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[ale] help me convert a non-believer

Asher Vilensky wrote:
> /so, I'm reading in the Mint forum and folks are talking about what they
> did to get wireless working on their Dell 1525 which has a Broadcom chip
> that someone only wrote a replacement for back in Sept. And I can't make
> heads or tails of
> it....grrr...http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download...down at the
> Bleeding Edge area, talks about tarballs etc...Be sure you have your
> kernel headers installed first...WTF ?!?!/
> Anybody have any advice? 
> (Sorry, I haven't done any leg work myself....family issues...)

you will need an Ubuntu/Mint person to verify, but in Debian you can use
Module Assistant to help through this.

sudo aptitude install module-assistant

then do something like:

sudo m-a

and follow the prompts.  i'm not familiar with the broadcom driver, can
it use fw-cutter?


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