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[ale] Anyone using Social Networks?

tom wrote:

> I got started with personal equipment with a H89. Dual Z80 processors - 
> whee! Between 16K and 64K RAM, and either casset tape or 100K disks for 
> storage. Ran either HDOS (Heath DOS with loadable drivers) or CP/M. I 
> think that you could also get MP/M which was a multiuser version of CP/M, 
> but that was a _long_ time ago.

I had a Heath H8 when I was about 12 -- traded my Trash80 Model I
for it.  Later I had a z80-based Morrow MD11 which ran CP/M off
of an 11MB internal hard drive.  And came with a development
environment (assembly only). And WordStar!  I just loved CP/M,
and later when I encountered Unix for the first time in grad
school, I thought, "Oh, it's just like CP/M, except better!"

-- JK

A closed mouth gathers no feet.