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[ale] Proposed ALE/Chugalug Outing..

> My crazy idea is, perhaps we mix it all up, and mix up Chugalug and
> ALE with a spring (when it is a little warmer) trip to the
> Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Taking a ride is completely
> optional,
> We could discuss trains, diesel.. heck, might even segway into a
> discussion or presentation about Linux. Or at least, networking,
> using train cars as an analogy for packet switching, data payloads..
> It's just an idea, no agenda other than my brain percolating ideas
> as the coffee pot perks... The cars/engines and shops (where they
> restore things) are fairly interesting and provide topical
> discussion triggers. We could even setup a data projector (I have a
> good one) and have a real meeting in one of the cars.

GREAT IDEA!  Count my "Trainiac" son and me in!