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[ale] OT: Maglev funding?

Robert Reese~ wrote:
> In fact, you inadvertently proved the superiority of the monorail's switching 
> system.  In that Google Map photo, take a look directly under the monorail 
> switches: GASP!  Those are standard gauge track with switches.  Note the 
> monorails switch has five lines in the same space and span as the track below's 
> switches that contain just two junctions.
I hadn't noticed that, but there you go.  I also noticed that what they 
have there are very simple level-style turnouts that have a sharp 
deflection - I guess that a monorail train could negotiate that but only 
at low speeds, which would suffice for this particular application. 
> In other words, with one photo you have shown that monorail can have 5 lines in 
> the space of just three standard gauge lines.  AND the 5 lines are handled with 
> just ONE switch.
I should point out that WDW monorail trains are much narrower than US 
standard gauge rail stock, which would account for some of the 
difference.  But your point still rings true:  the footprint of monorail 
is relatively compact compared to US standard gauge. 
> And FWIW, there's no need to turn a monorail around.  It is bidirectional. ;c)
Yes, but to its credit, so can be heavy passenger rail like MARTA.