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[ale] Disappointed in the recent climate research hack

> Anyway, it seems clear that global average temperatures are increasing,
> and that there are likely to be serious consequences from this:
> ? http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs/

It is the derivation of the equivalent charts at the Climate Research
Unit that is at the heart of Climate Gate.

So I would say a few (possibly many) respected scientists do not agree
that those charts are accurate.

Specifically some of the leaked emails are from climate researchers on
the IPCC review team that question the accuracy of those charts.
Those emails argue that the raw temperature record shows that the
1930's and current temps are at roughly the same temperature with a
valley between them.  ie. The raw data apparently shows temps climbed
from 1850 to 1930 or so globally, then cooled for a couple decades,
then climbed back to the 1930's temps today.

That is also in agreement with the tree ring analysis per the emails.

But the "adjusted" charts as shown on the above link show a strong
temp increase in the last 50 years.  Thus the desire by many to
understand the adjustment process.  And it is the adjustment process
that is still shrouded in mystery.  I for one hope the senate hearings
into all this result in the nasa temperature chart creation process be
opened to all.

Now it may be that that the adjustments are all fine and can each
individually be justified.  That does not change the fact that the
whole process should be opened up instead of forcing all but a
privileged few to guess at the specifics of the adjustments.