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[ale] Know anybody who knows macs, hd, etc. in NC Triangle?

First off, attach it to a linux box and try to 'dd' (or ddrescue) the
entire potentially bad drive to a known good copy somewhere.

Then, you can use all kinds of tools to try and recover data from the
copy of the disk.  If it is just  boot data corruption, it seems like
you should be able to attach the disk to a working Mac and could
potentially use some mac tools to repair the file system?

I don't know anything about Mac file systems, but there are some general
purpose tools like scalpel
(http://www.digitalforensicssolutions.com/Scalpel/) that will look
through the raw sectors on the disk for file-type signatures and can
extract specific file types.

Brandon Checketts

david w. millians wrote:
> You know the slogan about the problem with making a computer idiot 
> proof, how you make better idiots? Yeah...
> In spite of my best efforts, my cousin may or may not have backed up her 
> mac with time machine. (How much more PAINLESS can you make backup? Plug 
> it in, say yes, that's it... anyways...)
> Her mac was booting to a white screen. There doesn't appear to be a 
> click-o-death situation here. The mac geniuses repaired it, and said it 
> was the hd. Fair enough.
> Being as how it wasn't click of death, does anybody know somebody in the 
> research triangle area of NC who you would trust to use a recovery tool 
> on an external drive? The computer's about 9 months old, so my gut is 
> that the HD just corrupted some boot areas, but not the data...
> Or, any advice about mac hd recovery would be welcome. If it's not COD 
> on a mac hd, is it endangering it more to try this afore resorting to 
> the $3000 recovery people?
> Sigh,
> David
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