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[ale] Java Jitters: FC11, Firefox-3.5, jre6u_??

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 11:04, John Mills<johnmills at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> ALErs -
> I'm having trouble setting up the Java 'jre' and Firefox plugin after a
> pair of upgrades.
> Context:
> 1. I accepted an update on an FC10 Dell D630 laptop and found I had
> upgraded from FC10 to FC11 instead of simply installing updates of FC10
> core and utilities. Some [re]assembly was reauired.
> 2. I accepted a Firefox upgrade and now have v-3.5. Probably a
> _GoodThing(TM)_. Unfortunately I some important applets started from web
> pages no longer work.
> I went to Sun's download page and downloaded the RPM for 'latest' which
> turns out to be 6u_15, not _14 as suggested by the download page. Now I
> can't pass Sun's Java currency test from Firefox nor run the needed
> web-site applets. In fact it crashes Firefox when I try.
> I do have Java and pop-ups enabled. I tried to link the Java plug-in
> properly but I'm not sure I got that right.
> TIA for others' experience and suggestions.

FF3.5 has issues with Flash, so try uninstalling the Flash plugin to
see if that's the crash cause.  The only solution
I've found for 32bit F11 and FF3.5 is to run with the Flash 9 from the
Adobe archives.
Pete Hardie
Better Living Through Bitmaps