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[ale] OT: humor - XKCD

I can see the humor in that, but cannot empathise. I've never
understood why guys have a hard time with that. I can understand why
it's hard for a woman to undo her own, but not from a 3rd party. I can
undo my wife's left handed while brushing my teeth with my dominant
hand. I would expect an EMACS user could undo a bra with a broken

On 8/7/09, adam <prozaconstilts at gmail.com> wrote:
> john anderson wrote:
>> Or, how about this recent one:
>> http://xkcd.com/619/
> I have issue with this particular strip.
> Didn't Randall Munroe get it wrong? Why is this lack of working flash
> video Linux's fault? Is this not the vendor's fault?
> One could even claim he's referring to bad drivers, but is this Linux's
> fault? Isn't it the fault of poorly written drivers, failure to properly
> support the platform, and lack of vendor interest?
> In terms of what Linux does well, and where it gets used most, I can see
> the need to support a bajillion CPUs before supporting good flash. When
> I need a thousand-node cluster to churn over protein strands, you better
> believe I want an OS that can use all of my resources.
> </rant>
> In general, xkcd makes me lol on a regular basis.
> http://xkcd.com/457/
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