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[ale] papersize

On Sat, 18 Apr 2009 23:43:07 -0400
Jim Kinney <jim.kinney at gmail.com> wrote:

> This has me puzzled. I have /etc/papersize set to letter yet gedit
> still spits out a call to print to A4. Which causes my printer to
> puke.
> WTF?!?!?
> So I look in ~/.gnome2 and poke in the gedit files. All the ones that
> _have_ a paper size are set to letter.
> There is no config in setting in gedit that adjust the papersize. It's
> handled by the gnome printing engine.
> which reads the system variable $PAPERSIZE which is set by the
> /etc/papersize file!!!
> So did some European coder hardcode A4 as a default paper size?

Have you tried re-creating the printer?

I know that there was a bug a while back wherein the default on Ubuntu
was A4, and even after the configuration was changed the printer would
have to be deleted and recreated (because the setting was copied into
the printer setup) in order to fully take effect.

	--- Mike

Emacs is a nice operating system, but I prefer UNIX.
                            --- Tom Christiansen
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