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[ale] linux email solution that supports exchange calendar access

GroupWise will do this.  It will run in a pure linux environment (SLES, license included), and provides a gateway to exchange that will sync address books, calendars, busy search and will deliver mail between the systems.

The caveat is that the gateway does need to run on windows, and there needs to be a gateway configured on the exchange side. We do this with a number of our clients by setting up an additional exchange box with no message store to act as the sync box.


James Taylor
The East Cobb Group, Inc.
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> Geoffrey <lists at serioustechnology.com> 4/3/2009 11:15 AM >>> 
I've got a client who is primarily a Linux shop.  They were recently 
purchased by a company where the IT folks continue to refer to 
themselves as 'a windows shop.'  The bottom line is, they want all the 
folks at the client location to run citrix/outlook to access their 
email.  What we want to do is find a Linux mail/calendaring solution 
that we can have in place that will be able to share calendars between 
the Exchange server and itself.

Anyone know of such a solution.  We were planning on using Scalix, but 
have since found out that in order for the free/busy calendar sharing to 
work, you have to set up an ftp server and point the Outlook clients on 
the Exchange server end to the ftp server to view the free/busy info.

The bottom line is, we need this to work without requiring any work on 
the Outlook client at the Exchange server end.  It's a political thing, 
so the smaller the amount of work required on the Exchange end, the better.

Until later, Geoffrey

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