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[ale] OT: Comcast and digital TV

2. Fact. To get all of the channels you pay for, you must rent a box.
This especially stinks for me because I have taken the time to fish
wires through my walls and hang my flat panel televisions on the wall
as they are always shown in the ads. But, now you have to place the
stupid Comcast box somewhere. Why? For no reason other than the fact
that they encrypt about half of all of their digital offerings. It is
really arbitrary how they do it too. ESPN, MTV, VH1 and dozens of
channels I wish I did NOT get... non-encrypted. PBS Kids Sprout...
Encrypted. It's a load of carp! It's really gotten to the point where
it's easier to get your TV (either legally or nefariously) over the
net than to fight it all. I gave up on my MythTV because of DTV and
HDTV. I have dropped to the 8.95 limited basic cable plan to keep from
paying an inflated price for my internet.

PS. If you ask for their cheapest plan they will try to tell you it is
~$25. You have to argue with them and tell them that you know there is
a limited plan for under $10 and they are legal obligated to allow you
to subscribe to it.

.!# RichardBronosky #!.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 7:54 AM, Geoffrey <lists at serioustechnology.com> wrote:
> Okay, so I'm just plain sick and tired of Comcasts monopolistic
> attitude. ?As we move to the digital TV cut over date I've been told a
> couple of things that they don't tell you in their slick TV commercials.
> 1. Fact: Although they say you don't need to do anything if you
> currently have analog cable service, you will lose channels as some
> stations decide unilaterally to stop sending an analog signal. ?This has
> already happened to me with the History channel and the TV guide channel.
> 2. Fact or Fiction??? If you want to go digital, you MUST rent digital
> converter boxes from Comcast. ?The first one is free, $6 per box after
> that. ?You can not buy them anywhere. ?I don't quite understand this. ?I
> do have one digital/analog TV in my house and I do currently pick up a
> smattering of channels when I go to the digital tuner.
> Anyone help me out on #2? ?I've only got 3 people in my home, but for
> convenience, I've got 7 tv receivers (two computers, 5 TVs). ?I'm not
> about to increase my already inflated monthly bill by 65% to simply
> retain those lost channels.
> I'm seriously considering digital antennas or satellite.
> Suggestions, comments???
> --
> Until later, Geoffrey
> Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
> temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
> ?- Benjamin Franklin
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