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[ale] Server Hardware

On Sunday 21 September 2008 13:48, Brian Pitts wrote:
> jimmy halbert wrote:
> > I am looking for a open source wireless networking solution. I have an 
organization that is going to have 450 wireless users of which half of these 
users will be online at a time. I am looking for a solution to control the 
access points, and provide some measure of security. Any suggested would be 
helpful. I have looked at Aruba,Foundry and IronPoint...all of these 
solutions are way out of budget. 
> How about Coova?

(One of the features of which is to let you use a WRT54 wireless
gateway router as a stand alone "hot spot" wifi server.)
> I think there's going to be an ALE presentation about the CoovaAP
> firmware soon.

The Charles Shapiro presentation on Coova is currently scheduled for
our ALE October Central meeting on Thursday, the 16th.  As I already
have a WRT54G router  running OpenWRT Linux I'm looking forward
to this one!


> For controlling the access points, there's the CoovaAAA
> management service. You don't have to use the CoovaAP firmware to use
> CoovaAAA; your access points just have to support certain RADIUS attributes.
> http://coova.org/
> -Brian