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[ale] Backup strategies

You're right, they are over $500...around $700-$800.  We bought one a year
or two ago for about that so I figured they were cheaper now.  The one
vendor selling it for less I have bought from before, actually.


Although, tape solutions can be sub $1000 if done right and is still likely
cheaper and more reliable than the USB drives.  I do like disk storage
though for quick access, nice to have on site when a developer wipes out
something by mistake in production.

2008/9/12 Pat Regan <thehead at patshead.com>

> Stephen Benjamin wrote:
> > The PowerVaults can hold up to 8 tapes, and some hold more I think.  The
> > 122T I saw for $270 on Froogle was 8.
> >
> I apologize for not noticing it was a loader.
> You got me pretty interested, so I checked froogle as well.  The low
> cost entries are mostly from no-name vendors and also used, and all but
> one vendor is over $500.
> Pat
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