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[ale] Iptables with vpn

2008/10/16 Pat Regan <thehead at patshead.com>:
> Jim Kinney wrote:
>> And this will be an ALE presentation....?
>> Good work!
> If you guys are hard up enough I might be able to give some sort of
> openvpn presentation.  I have no previous presentation experience and I
> have never been to one of the local presentations, so I have no idea
> what sort of quality y'all expect :).
> About a year ago I set up a network of a little over 20 WRT54GL routers
> to connect small 2-3 man offices back to our core network over a random
> assortment of DSL and cable modems.  We also used the same setup to VPN
> in a handful of Windows laptops.
> Would anyone be interested in a demo of a setup like this?
> Pat


As to presentation quality, I started giving them for work routinely
about 2 years ago.

I was planning on going to the local Norcross Toastmasters meetings to
get up to speed and improve my style.

By chance, we had marketing consultant involved in the presentation
creation process and she observed a practice presentation I did.

She said the LAST thing I needed to do was to attend a Norcross
Toastmasters meeting and have my presentation style corrupted by those

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