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[ale] X over ssh to linux box using putty?

If you're not running something capable of displaying X-Windows the
below won't work.  That's why I mentioned Exceed and Xming for Windows
workstations.   (I'm assuming you're on a Windows workstation though
there is a version of PuTTY for Linux desktops as well though I'm not
quite sure why one would use it.)

Also just to reiterate:   You do NOT explicitly set the DISPLAY to
localhost:10 (or anything else) - the DISPLAY should be set by ssh when
it creates the tunnel. 

Finally note that the DISPLAY created for the tunnel is only valid for
the login user.   If you login then do su to another user the DISPLAY
isn't valid for the switched user even if you explicitly set it.
(However, you can overcome this by giving permission $HOME/.Xauthority
of original user to switched user - this obviously has a security
implication though.)

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Jeff Lightner wrote:
> In Putty Configuration for the session in which you want the tunnel
> go to the Connection -->ssh -->X11 area.
> In there check the box for Enable X11 forwarding.  
> Save the session.
> Login to the client with that selection (insure you are NOT explicitly
> setting DISPLAY variable in /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, $HOME/.profile,
> $HOME/.bashrc etc...).  
> It should show something like localhost:10.0

hmmm, looks like it's broken:
"X connection to localhost:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server

so i will reconfigure it shortly...


> Personally I don't use XDMCP for full desktop display so if that is
> you are looking for you may need to do some other work.

no, a windowed display will be fine.

>  You don't need to run startx to display X-Windows from your remote
host to your
> desktop.  Startx is for starting X on the native console.

thanks, have never tried this.
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