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[ale] printers

On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 10:59 -0400, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Fri May 9 2008, Michael B. Trausch wrote:
> > > The following packages have unmet dependencies:
> > >   libexif-dev: Depends: libexif12 (= 0.6.13-5etch2) but 0.6.16-2.1
> is
> > > to be
> > > installed
> > > E: Broken packages
> >
> > Wow.  Time to install pbuilder... :-)
> pbuilder?? uh oh..
> looking at the docs, I am a bit overwhealmed...
> does this actually build and work on a FILE ( base.tgz) as opposed to
> adding stuff to your system? 

Yes.  You just create an environment ("pbuilder --create
--distribution=codename", which by default creates a staging area
in /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz) to build software in, and then you
build source packages by saying "pbuilder --build filename.dsc", which
will build the package and place the resulting .deb files
in /var/cache/pbuilder/result.

It is a little bit of a hassle at first, but once you get to know it, it
is a *really* useful tool for fixing minor quirks like this, because you
can apt-get source, modify the package to fit your needs, and then
"debuild -S -sa; cd ..; pbuilder --build package-version.dsc" and you've
successfully kicked off a chrooted build of whatever package you're
working on.

I don't have a Debian machine ATM, but I am thinking about moving my
laptop to it.  If I do so, I will see about looking at that package for

	--- Mike

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