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[ale] OT CD ripping and CDDB/FreeDB

FreeDB is essentially an open source
CDDB/Gracenote/whatever-they-call-it-now. If your CD is not in the
database, add it. All of the CDs that are in the database have been
added by users. If no one else has bought your CD and added to the
database, how would you be able to retrieve the information?
Contribute so that others don't have the same problem.

If the CD is mislabeled, re-add it. http://www.freedb.org/en/faq.3.html#23

2008/6/27 Ned Williams <nedj10 at gmail.com>:
> Greeting's ALE members, this is OT but something tells me ALE members have
> an opinion on this. I am in process of ripping my entire CD and album
> collections to digital storage. I am finding that about 33% of my cd's are
> either mislabeled in FreeDB, or they report they are not listed. Trouble is
> I cannot tell if the one's not listed are a n actual no record found, or if
> FreeDB is timing out its connection.
> Can anyone else shed some light on how much of their collections were found
> in FreeDB and how much were not?
> thanks
> Ned

James Sumners

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