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[ale] [OT] Comcast

"Neighbor discovers pr0n; film at 11!!"

Robert Coggins wrote:
> So, I have been using comcast for about 4 years.  I have never had an 
> issue with them.  I have been getting good download rates up and down 
> and downtime hasn't been an issue.
> However, the past few weeks I have been experiencing really weird 
> issues.  During the day I get really really low up/download rates. 
> Really low meaning *most* of the time I never get a page to load. 
> During the night though my download rate has been much better.  I am 
> getting about 5000 kbps.  It is not as good as it used to be though 
> which was about 15000 often times (using speakeasy speedtest).
> I thought this might have been my cable modem at first but I am 
> beginning to suspect something else.  Anyone else experience something 
> like this before?
> Thanks for your input everyone!
> Robert
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