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[ale] Cablemodem problems, considering DSL - OT response to OTcomments

The DOD is part of the "Government for and by the people" and as such is
our servant and NOT our master.   Simply because something was funded
via that route (initially by the way - many innovations have occurred
since DARPA that were NOT funded by DOD and DOD does NOT pay for all the
internet infrastructure let alone my ISP bill) doesn't mean it is
suddenly a funnel for Government to spy on me.

The reasoning that it was funded that way and therefore isn't private
would suggest the U.S. Postal Service should have the right to open and
scan every piece of mail sent because it was initially a Government
department.   Both ideas are equally ludicrous.

By the way we're not talking about "theories".  We're talking about what
has DEMONSTRABLY occurred AND been struck down by the courts as clearly
illegal under the rights to due process afforded in our Constitution.

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On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 09:36 -0500, Horwitz International, LLC wrote:
> I don't get what the big "conspiracy" theorists among you are on
In short: Everyone here knows that email and http is open-air broadcast.
The problem is the rise of the mentality that says everything the
population does is suspicious and must be logged for later use in court.
In this country we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The
slippery-slope argument that topic foo is clearly unsafe for current
societal needs and therefore it should be monitored and maybe actively
prohibited leads easily to topic bar and then to topic baz. This is a
problem of human nature and it has been observed before. It is also
apparently human nature to continually add further restrictions on
permitted behaviors. The technology we all know and love is a
double-edged sword. It make easy access to information and provides a
breadcrumb trail back to the viewer of that information. If that trail
leads to an anonymous entity by default, that is OK with the freedom
purists. But the current trend is to make the anonymity the exception
and not the rule. That violates the innocent until proven guilty concept
that is the basis of our legal/penal system. If the converse replaces
it, then once under suspicion, the population can longer access the
information that can be used for exoneration.  

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