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[ale] external monitor & automated refund request for Comcast or other services

I guess the question is: why on earth would Comcast want to make it
EASIER for customers to get refunds?  They'd want to do anything they
can to KEEP the money.


Jerry Yu wrote:
> My comcast connection went down twice this week.  (frustration!).
>     * They doesn't seem to have end-to-end service monitors, since I
>       was on the phone and told no outage in my service area,
>     * Worse, for acknowledged outages, Comcast doesn't automate
>       refunding customers in the affected service area.
> To "encourage" them to improve the up time, I think it'd be nice to
> automate the outage->refund process.  I reckon that, if  enough people
> (I'd be happy with >=30%) send in their refund request through an
> automated framework/service each every time an outage happens, that
> ought get their attention.
> Is there such thing exist already? If not, how one be implemented,
> assume Comcast's "API" for refund doesn't change. This meant to be a
> technical question, not invitation for 'yeah, mine was down too' echo.
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