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[ale] M$ gets record fine

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On 2/27/2008 at 2:49 PM Bob Toxen wrote:

>M$ simply will raise prices to Europeans to ensure the same excessive
>profit margin.

Not so fast.  If they did, it would simply drive the adoption of Linux by Europeans even higher, faster.  We all know that virtual machines are the future, consisting mostly of *nix systems, driven by customization and stability.  Microsoft knows that.

Open Source is the "Chinese Finger Puzzle" of the business world.  It is counter-intuitive, much like gun toten' to liberals.  For those people that believe that less guns means more safety, they cannot understand how arming potential victims (like college students of today) can actually increase safety and security.  Microsoft, similarly, cannot fathom how to compete with Open Source even when it seems obvious to the rest of us.  Even so, Microsoft is not completely clueless when it comes to business, and driving people to those enigmatic alternatives by raising prices isn't good business sense.


   * Microsoft is NOT a standard. *

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