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[ale] Yahoo Groups: perils?

I would suggest you show your list members some respect
and go with Google Groups.

The thing I most appreciate about Google's free services is that,
even though they are funded through advertising, their adverts
are not invasive, distracting or user abusive (a complete reversal
of the dozens of flashing graphics and constant barage of cross
promotional popups found on the commercial webmail access
portals and pages I occasionally have to use at Dirthlink and
Commiecast - don't know why I'm expected to put up with this
constant commercial abuse at a subscription service that I pay
for - another case of paying customers getting corporaped).

Most of what we see at entry portals for other free service sites
like Mafia$oft Snotmail or Yahoo Gropes are even more
obnoxious and user abusive than Commiecast and Dirthlink.
I think you would be doing your group a disservice to subject
them to that unnecessarily.


On Tuesday 26 February 2008 14:46, Daniel Howard wrote:
> It's been recommended that I set up a Yahoo Group for our UUCA Computers 
> for the Community (Linux on donated PCs) volunteer group.  I'm used to 
> majordomo type listserv's, but it seems the Yahoo Groups are easy to set 
> up and can even be restricted/invitation only.
> Any thoughts from this group on perils or concerns with commercial 
> approaches like Yahoo or Google Groups?
> Best,
> Daniel
> -- 
> Daniel Howard
> President and CEO
> Georgia Open Source Education Foundation