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[ale] OT: GPS/nav units?

Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Mon February 25 2008, Charles Shapiro wrote:
>> Since I got it I've used it occasionally to find my way. It's pretty fun,
>> although it won't work inside an automobile. You have to hang the gadget
>> out the window for its antenna to pick up the magic sky birds. I used it on
>> last year's BRAG ( http://brag.org ) to chart my progress though.
> not true. I took mine on car trips a few times, with my wife holding it, 
> telling me how fast I was going, and the routes we were about to cross..
> granted, my C-340 is MUCH better for road trips:)
> but I got me Etrex to map out my property. It failed miserably. the problem 
> is, the part of my property I want to map out is 4 acres of woods, 100+ foot 
> tall oak trees all over the place. Up by the house, it says accurate to 
> within 18 feet. Down in the woods, 100 feet away, it says accurate to within 
> 118 feet.. just about worthless.
> and I bought a silly serial-to-USB cable to try to hook up the etrex to my PC, 
> but also no joy. My laptop doesn't come with a serial port, I am REALLY sorry 
> I didn't get one. 



Until later, Geoffrey

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