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[ale] ale list now linked with google groups ale list

aaron wrote:
> There was considerable lag on posting status of the list & systems
> and, as a person with posting privileges to our site, I'll apologize for
> that. In hind sight, I could have posted sooner that "solutions are
> being evaluated, crews have been dispatched", but that's about
> all I could have offered in the first week.

No need to apologize, I think the new volunteers are doing a great job. 
  Been there, done that, so I know it's not easy.

The only reason I thought there was an issue was because, initially, my 
posts turned around immediately.  Later, it was taking 30 minutes to see 

> Understand that for the first 5 days there wasn't much definitive
> information being exchanged among the active volunteers either.
> If we erred, it was on the side of patience.  As soon as the extent
> of the problem was known, a viable solution was agreed on and
> the procedures and time frames for implementing it confirmed
> we posted notice to the temporary Google list and the web site.

Alas, the availability of the google list was not known at that time. ;)

> Kind of fun to do some forensics of the chronology now that the
> pressure is off:


> The Xilogix hosting offer came in around Feb. 2nd, but there
> was some lag (and a bad CC address) in sharing that with
> volunteers and getting everyone's confirmation that this
> would meet our needs.

Then patience was a good thing.


> Work schedules generated some wait states over the following
> week, but James and I got together Feb.17th and spent the
> Sunday afternoon doing a remote OS install and update.

Again, this is perfectly understandable.  What were we going to do?  Cut 
your pay in half? :)

> I posted a progress report to the site and google list early
> Monday morning, Feb. 18th.  Chris uploaded the subscriber
> lists that afternoon and had the DNS transfer posted,  and
> James got the list configured Monday evening / Tuesday
> morning.
> We were mostly back on the road by Tuesday, Feb. 19th,
> with only a couple of small potholes to navigate.

Again, I appreciate the efforts of the new group of volunteers.  I also 
appreciate Chris' efforts over the years.  The fact that he was pretty 
much invisible during this time is a testament to the job he was doing.

Until later, Geoffrey

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
  - Benjamin Franklin