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[ale] ALE Northeast Meeting, March 6, 2008

It seems this month is full of rebirths.

Thanks to all who have worked hard to bring the mailing list back as
well as move our online presence between providers (Jim Kinney,
Michael Still, Ed Landa and Xilogix), and as well, Chris Farris for
managing that presence over the years.

So, without further ado...

ALE Northeast Meeting
March 6, 2008, 7:30pm

C Building Auditorium
Georgia Gwinnett College
1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043


We will be meeting in the C Building Auditorium.  C Building is
located at the top of the next to the B Building (the large round
building you can see from Georgia 316).  The Auditorium is located in
the extension of C.  I will work to have signs up to guide folks, and
to see if we can get updated maps available beforehand.

You are welcome to park in any UNMARKED (Student) parking spaces on
campus.  Parking in the spaces marked visitor may or may not yield a

The presentation will be "Kickstart Your Linux Boxes" presented by
Brian MacLeod.

We also hope to have further discussion about the direction of ALE-NE
(jumping off from this months' ALE Central meeting), including, as
always, volunteers for presentations, as well as discussion about what
people would like to see in the future.

Kickstart is an installation method created by Red Hat for the purpose
of quick deployment of Linux computers.  It is available for most Red
Hat based distributions (CentOS, Fedora, etc).  I will go into some of
the advantages and disadvantages of this method, and what gains we
have made at Georgia Gwinnett College by using it.

Brian MacLeod is a Linux System Administrator and developing VOIP geek
at Georgia Gwinnett College.  He has worked for several University
System of Georgia institutions that have called Lawrenceville home,
and has previously presented at ALE meetings on Kickstart, SYSLINUX,
and DHCP Failover.

The gratuitous plea for assistance :-)

Got an idea for a presentation?  Is there a topic you wish to see
discussed?  Please join us at the ALE Central meetings at Emory on the
third Thursday of each month, or ALE Northeast meetings on the first
Thursday of each month.  Or, better yet, get the discussion started on
the ALE mailing list (join at

Brian MacLeod
ALE Northeast Meeting Coordinator (cat herder)