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[ale] OT:Recommended scanners

   Hi Scott,

I have been round and round this issue with others before and I never  
got past the fact that it was cheaper to pay a good lab to scan them  
for you.  If you spend enough money to get a pro quality scanner you  
wont' be saving any money.  Even if you have thousands negatives or  
prints and end up breaking even on the cost of the scanner you are  
still going to be left with a piece of equipment you will never use  
again.  Unless you look forward to the time spent doing favors for  
friends and relatives.

there's my .02


On Feb 19, 2008, at 10:49 AM, Scott Castaline wrote:

> Looking for a film scanner. I'd rather not get another flat bed  
> scanner.
> I can't seem to find any lower priced scanners for scanning  
> negatives. I
> have a ton of old 35mm and some negatives for the old Instamatic 126 &
> 110 formats that I'd like to scan into my system. I think I can  
> justify
> the purchase to my significant other if it's not a flatbed as we  
> already
> have an all-in-one. I've been emailing with the writer of Vuescan  
> and he
> seems to push towards flat beds by Epson.
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