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[ale] OT:Recommended scanners

The 4990 comes with various adapters, including a slide and negative 
adapter.  When you scan negatives or slides, you remove a cover from the 
door that then  permits a second lamp to further illuminate the scan.

Okay, so I just scanned in a photo and the corresponding negative.  I 
did nothing to either image, thus what you see is what you get.  The 
negative image is quite a bit darker.  The third photo is the negative 
image with the default 'equalize' filter from gimp applied to it.  Not 
perfect but pretty good for applying a default filter.

Note, these photos/negatives are a good 20 years old.  You can see that 
the negative has some scratches top left and lower center of the image.

original photo:




equalized negative:


Until later, Geoffrey

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