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[ale] print servers & linux..

> Never had a problem with the HP JetDirect line.

I agree but no all JetDirets are the same.  I bought a (relatively hp-) cheap 1-port JetDirect a few weeks ago that didn't have an lpd service.  It was only compatible with Windows printing and although it may have worked with Samba printing, it wasn't worth the effort for reduced reliability.

In its place, I bought a Hawking Technologies mini print server that has worked very well and fully compatible with Linux lpd services.  Make sure it's the one in the orange box, not the white box.  The white one is another Windows-only server.  And it only costs about $75 at Micro Center.  Also had good results with similar units by Dlink.  Note-- these print servers are attached to low- and high-speed dot matrix printers.

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