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Copy To : Arafat Mohamed <abmhmd at yahoo.com>, ale at ale.org
Subject : Re: [ale] Debian distribution

Fulton Green writes:
 > If you're pretty new to Linux, "generic" Debian might be a challenge for
 > you (then again, that could prove to be a valuable experience for
 > what makes Linux tick). On the other hand, there is a commercialised
 > called Progeny Debian ( www.Progeny.com ) now available for download or
 > purchase. It promises several "user-friendly" enhancements. And it was

And I'm a pretty experience Linux user, though new to Debian, and I
found the progeny CD a disaster.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone,
unless they've made a lot of fixes to it in the last week.  I'm going
to try standard Debian tonight.

 > co-founded by Ian Murdock, the "ian" in Debian (his wife Debra, well,
 > can do the math). Linux General Store ( www.LinuxGeneralStore.com ) may
 > that as well as the generic Debian CD set (make sure you get version 2.2
 > you get the generic CDs).

Wow.  I always wondered where the name came from.  Thanks!


 > On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 03:12:13PM -0400, Arafat Mohamed wrote:
 > > I'm pretty new to Linux. I've been trying to get Debian installed on
my box
 > > but found that the CD was bad. Haven't had much luck downloading the
 > > distribution either. Anyone know of a place in town I can get the CD

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