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[ale] M$ Standing on a bridge

Oh geez. I sincerely hope you're right.  But there's a whole lot of
techno-peasants out there who won't understand how this could be bad.

My folks run a winders machine and don't really understand why I won't even
touch it when I visit.( I own no windows boxes and have only a cursory
knowledge of the OS) Of course,  this makes my brother the default family IT
guy.  Thanksgiving, he was running that weird rewrite-the-whole-disk thing
that windows seems to require periodically when a hardware fault trashed the
disk.  I spent a lot of time explaining that just because that's what was
running, that didn't mean the crash was his fault. Oog. I try to remember
what a cloistered world we live in.

-- CHS

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Andrew Brown <dutch.fedora at gmail.com>wrote:

> Read this article "Microsoft specs out 'pay as you go' PC scheme" on  M$
> moving towards a usage model for their OS. They say that it is really an
> excellent idea in that users will only have to pay for what they use....
> hmm. The consumer will pay less up front for their systems, but
> admittedly more over the life of the computer.This tracking would
> include memory usage, cores and disk space as monitored by a security
> chip installed or software based metering application. Just what I think
> Americans will really go for, M$ having full view of the hardware and
> the software we have. I have to say that in the life of M$ this must be
> the dumbest move I have seen. You can see the true marketing genius
> floating around the halls of Redmond. I have a feeling Apple and Linux
> are going to have a field day in the desktop market coming up here very
> soon. It almost feels like M$ is standing on the edge of a bridge saying
> the view is much better from here...
> AB
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