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[ale] PPPo{EA} v NAT in DSL gateways

Yes, they (the LinkSys boxen, etc.) do (the signon) but what I'm
trying to find out is if (e.g.) the Westell (or any other DSL
gateway) can still do the signon if it is set up in bridge mode.

What (I think) I'm trying to do is to *not* be dependent on
PPPo{AE} signon in my NAT/firewall machine (which isn't yet
an appliance such as a LinkSys box) but rather push that out
to whatever is connected to the DSL line.  Naturally, I also
need to avoid double-NAT, which would further break all kinds
of stuff...

I gotta find me some FMs to RT...  Pointers/URLs welcome.


>Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 14:02:41 -0500 (EST)
>From: John Mills <johnmills at speakeasy.net>
>To: ale at ale.org
>Subject: Re: [ale] PPPo{EA} v NAT in DSL gateways
>Ken, ALErs -
>I thought most of the LinkSys consumer DSL routers would handle the PPoE
>sign-on, probably learned from a thread on this topic a couple of years
>ago here. There was also a link to a Westel(l?) user manual that detailed
>how to set up bridging mode.
>If you get stalled I may have saved some of the mail, and almost surely
>have the Westel manual PDF cached _somewhere_.
>DISCLAIMER - I didn't try it myself. Just as I was about to set this up
>for a friend, she plunked $$ down for a new ISP to do it (and rent her
>the gear, naturally).
>  - Mills
>On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, bugy at bellsouth.net wrote:
>> Don't worry! You don't have to do your own login session. All is done by
>> router/modem. Tested by Me with Westell with WRT54GL.