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[ale] Linux supported air card works!

I'm currently using the following with a Verizon 5750, anyone have a better config? It does drop/reset often although that might just be the signal in this area (Forrest Park/Morrow). I've been torn between upgrading to the Rev A usb version (and adding 2 years to the contract when I may endup switching back to cable) and constructing somesortof antenna... maybe a corner reflector or a waveguide built to fit around the card itself would add some gain without 'modifying' the device.


connect-delay 10000
user 4045551212 at vzw3g.com
lcp-echo-failure 8
lcp-echo-interval 65535
connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v -t3 -f /etc/ppp/peers/lxevdo_chat'


''   'AT'
'OK' 'ATE0V1&F&D2&C1&C2S0=0'
'OK' 'ATE0V1'
'OK' 'ATS7=60'
'OK' 'ATDT#777'

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 09:02:57PM -0500, Jim Lynch wrote:
> I have been using a Verizon aircard for a while now with mixed results.  
> It suffered from frequent disconnects, poor performance and occasional 
> drops.  While it wasn't great, it worked better than nothing.  A couple 
> of months ago I was speaking with a customer service rep about my 
> frustration with the frequently disconnects and she suggested I sign up 
> for the "Broadband" service which was faster and didn't cost any more.  
> Oh and incidentally I could get a new pcmcia aircard which would take 
> advantage of the faster service if I wanted.  I was unimpressed with the 
> new "Broadband" service I upgraded to wrt speed, bit it was a bit more 
> reliable, not a lot however.
> I recently traveled to Orlando and found I had left the aircard at 
> home.  I needed internet access while there and decided to check out the 
> new aircard the lady mentioned.  I went to a Verizon store and talked 
> with the guy there.  English was his second language, as it was for all 
> the clerks in that store (Kissimmee).  I was the only one speaking 
> English in the entire place.  But I regress.
> So he didn't seem to think that I'd see much improvement in speed and 
> asked another clerk about it and they agreed.  They said something about 
> Rev A being a bit faster.  I have no idea what Rev A is.
> But since I needed access and the cost was $50 with a $50 rebate for an 
> extended 2 year contract, I decided that wasn't a problem. 
> I have to tell you that was the best $50/2 year commitment I ever made.  
> I was able to connect and communicate at very respectable speeds all 
> week with no drops, no problems what so ever.
> I subsequently took the laptop to my boat which is located at a marina 
> on St. Simons Island and where communications is usually seriously 
> compromised.  It again performed flawlessly and with far better speed 
> than at any time before.  Nary a disconnect.
> As  a note,  I chose Verizon for both my wireless data connection and my 
> cell phone provider because I do use the boat to cruise up and down the 
> coast.  Cruisers in that area report that Verizon has the best coverage 
> of that area.  I don't necessarily think their customer service is 
> exceptional or even very good.  But coverage is pretty important, IMHO. 
> I do have both VHF and HF onboard so I have multiple communications 
> backup, but safety at sea can never be too much.
> Oh and thanks to (I think) Jim Kinney for the original pointer to the 
> wvdial parameters that made it work on Linux.
> Jim.
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