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[ale] Do browsers treat secure sites differently WRT style?

Brian Pitts wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-12-28 at 06:47 -0500, Jim Lynch wrote:
>> I have a static page that renders differently under ssl than normal.  I 
>> have no idea why.  The page has styles for some of the elements but not 
>> the one that is different.  A table served by ssl has the same default 
>> background color as the rest of the page.  When it is being served by 
>> plain Apache, the background is white. 
>> Any idea why?  Konqueror does the same thing, ditto Opera and IE6.
> Do you have an external stylesheet for the table on a subdomain where
> the ssl certificate isn't valid?
> -Brian
No subdomains, this is currently only a local machine,  
The ssl cert is self signed.  The original problem was with a cgi script 
that looked different, but when I grabbed the html and saved it as a 
static page, the problem remained.  It is an external stylesheet, 

But you did point me in the right direction.  Sometimes I hate 
computers!  The stylesheet that was being used was coming from 
/var/www/html/css/styles.css and /var/www-ssl/html/css/styles.css and 
not from /var/www/html/test/css/styles.css, etc. where I had put my 
stylesheet.  I gotta watch out for those leading slashes.