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[ale] I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)

Trying to figure out the ins & outs of Bellsouth's/AT&T's DSL
gateway/modem setup:

If you configure for IP Passthrough & thus expose the LAN
side of the DSL modem/gateway to non-private IP address space,
does that also deactivate the device's builtin PPPo{E,A} signon
support, thus requiring that on the "inside?"  I would think,
too, that this undoes the "double NAT" situation?

Any recommendations for/against various makes/models of these
DSL devices?

Last I remember, BS/ATT supplies a Westel by default(?);
has that changed?

What might be some "better" choices?  ("Better" = maybe better
impaired-line performance, features, etc.)

FAQ/doc pointers and/or FMs for RT are quite welcome of course.  :)


>From: bugy at bellsouth.net
>To: ale at ale.org
>Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 14:38:23 +0000
>Subject: [ale]  I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)
>By default Bellsouth's modem gives you private address from
>192.168.1.x range. They have "IP Passthrough" option in the
>modem to pass the real world IP and all packets behind the
>modem. Then you a really in need of capable firewall.