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[ale] how stuff works-OT-- BEER !!!

How Stuff Works - Discovery Channel programs beer making episode Dec 18 
December 15, 8:56 AM
by Charlie Papazian, Beer Examiner 

Jamie Smith (left), co-executive producer of the beer
episode to be aired on Discovery Channel Dec. 18 
and I after shooting on location at my "home" brewery. 
For beer enthusiasts and wannabe beer enthusiasts on December 18, at 8 p.m. 
(check local schedules) Discovery Channel will feature a program about the 
essentials of beer making.   The one hour beer episode will run on "How Stuff 
Works."  Flavor, diversity, history, culture, hops, malt, water, yeast, big 
brew, little brew and homebrew will all be touched upon.  
     Though I haven?t seen a preview the producers spent a full morning and 
part of the afternoon with me this past summer.  Shooting my hop garden, 
homebrew ?garage,? beer stash and sampling of various brews while asking me 
to tell the story of ?how beer works.?
     Also likely featured will be Dogfish Head Brewing Company?s owner Sam 
Calagione and his ?insightful? perspectives about ?how stuff works? for the 
small brewer.

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