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[ale] How Do I Get Involved?

Robert Reese~ wrote:
>> So we have a 3wk-yr-old, 2 yr old and a 3 yr old.  I figure
>> this would be the toughest time in our lives, but things should get
>> better (meaning mommy and daddy can take a break) once they get
>> older.
> Congratulations to you and your wife!  Now, get off your computer and watch the 
> kids so mommy can get some sleep!!!   :cD
Or get the grandparents involved in the childcare. I speak from 
experience, my son and daughter-in-law have that concept very well 
> P.S.: Something for the older kids:
> http://www.noradsanta.org/en/countdown.html
> (yeah, *that* NORAD!)
> Robert~
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