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[ale] How Do I Get Involved?

2008/12/17 Jim Kinney <jim.kinney at gmail.com>

> Simple (HA!). Just as I make commitments to my family, I also make
> commitments to my professional and social life. So I meet friends for a beer
> and conversation or ALE meetings. I also have rejoined a wind orchestra to
> get some music performance back in my life.
> My wife does similar (except she does pottery instead of ALE meetings - go
> figure....)
> My kids are a tad older, but this has been a good thing for them. They see
> Mom and Dad as people not just care-givers for them.
> 2008/12/17 Marc Ferguson <marcferguson at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> I have a silly LIFE question and hopefully someone with the a similar
>> scenario can help me out.  I'm going to kind of open myself up - so be kind
>> in your responses.
>> I am a web developer with an extreme love or linux and FOSS.  I have three
>> young kids all under the age of 4 and I'm married.  I want to get involved
>> in our user group and in the linux community.  At some point I plan to learn
>> Python so I can contribute to a project, but I need to figure out how can I
>> get involved with our user group.  I have all the meetings scheduled in
>> Google Calendar, but I haven't been able to pull away from the family to
>> attend one.  I guess at some point I'll have to put my foot down, but I'm
>> kind of a dedicated father/husband so my family's needs trump my own.
>> So far I blog about my own linux adventures (www.fergytech.com) and I
>> listen to tons of linux podcasts (to keep myself in the loop).  Thanks for
>> any suggestions and I look forward to hearing your responses.
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>> Marc F.
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Yah, that's really what we've become thus far, caregivers to our kids.  So
we have a 3wk-yr-old, 2 yr old and a 3 yr old.  I figure this would be the
toughest time in our lives, but things should get better (meaning mommy and
daddy can take a break) once they get older.

On another note, I'll take that other advice about paying more attention to
the mailing list.  You're right, there are some great conversations here.
Good deal!
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