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[ale] new router-SOLVED-thanks Atlantic Nexus

On Sun December 14 2008, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> ok, so I broke the antennae on my netgear router, and my wife needs her
> wireless. So I went to my local STORE, and purchased a nice new Linksys
> Wireless N WRT160N.
> my current setup:
> Westell modem <bridged mode> Netgear setup with login info-> PCs
> when I try to setup the new Linksys router as ppoe, it fails to connect.
> When I set it up as DHCP, and change the modem back to login/password, my
> connection seems to time-out/go-away/die...
> SO... for the night, I am leaving my old router in place, so all my
> connections work, and I plugged the linksys into the netgear, and setup
> wireless for my wife:)

so I called Linksys ( Cisco?) tech support, in India.. what a waste of time.
so I called Atlantic Nexus. The nice lady at least could speak good English, 
and tried to help, but there was actually a problem that she couldn't fix. So 
she said the Senior Tech would call me back. He did, got into the modem, 
watched me fail to login with PPPoE on the router. So he removed & re-added 
my login, and I was able to log in. Needless to say, that is one good reason 
to go with a local company for DSL.. good, local tech support.

Paul Cartwright
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