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[ale] shell question

Pete Hardie wrote:
> 2008/12/11 J. D. <jdonline at gmail.com>:
>> Hey all,
>> There are some curious key combinations in bash I was wondering about.
>> Pressing ctrl-s seems to freeze the terminal but silently it appears to
>> still be accepting input. Pressing ctrl-q breaks this behavior and
>> everything returns to normal. Does anyone use this? I'm sure it has caused
>> people trouble thinking their terminal is locked. I have only used ctrl-q
>> from to regain my terminal after accidentally hitting ctrl-s. :)
> Those are not bash items - they are for the terminal window, and as
> Mike indicated, were for flow control.
> For more background, look up stuff on the ASCII control characters -
> and the ASCII names
> Ctrl-g is a favorite

Ah, who remembers:

tput bel



Until later, Geoffrey

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